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Pringles Just Released A Deep Fried Pickles Flavored Chip For Those Who Love Pickles

Pringles might have just released their best pickle flavored chip yet, but as you might already know, this isn’t the first time Pringles has made their chips pickle flavored.

There was the Screamin’ Dill Pickle, the Ricky and Morty Pickle Rick, and now, the new Deep Fried Wavy Pickle Pringles.

Courtesy of @candyhunting

I know what you’re thinking, the title is a mouthful but one bite out of this wavy chip will be worth it because deep fried anything, is always a mouthwatering treat.

Most recently pickles have become a fan favorite food.

Deep fried pickle chips, deep fried whole pickles and pickle flavored chips, so it’s no wonder why Pringles have reinvented their pickle chip game.

The Pringles can packs a dill-pickle flavor combined with a savory-fried taste similar to a deep fried pickle you can get at any carnival, according to a press release.

Courtesy of @CandyHunting

For a limited time only at Dollar General stores nationwide, you can pick up your own stack of Pringles for a sour taste of pickles packed in a crunchy, wavy chip!

Courtesy of PRNewswire

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