Teen Girls Are Now Putting Their Personal Info Into Pants Pockets At Stores For A New Concerning Trend

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We have to raise kids smarter than this!!

It seems like every month we see a new concerning and might I say, stupid trend going around on social media.

Well this one, is quite concerning and dangerous and something parents need to be aware of.

Apparently, there is a new trend going around that has teen girls sticking their social media and other personal info into pants pockets at stores.

The girls are writing their info on pieces of paper and sticking it into the pants pockets.

Some girls (like in the video above) are even sticking the info into boxes of men’s boxers! WTF!!

Girls are doing this because they believe if they leave their info, the person buying the pants will find it and follow them on social media.

Guys!! This is DANGEROUS.

With all of the sex trafficking, kidnapping, and just crazy things (and people) in the world, I cannot imagine giving someone direct info to easily find you is a smart idea.


We have to raise our kids to be smarter. Especially our girls.

This is just a dumb idea and our girls need to be better than this.

So, if you are a parent with a teen, please talk to them. Please express how dangerous and stupid this is.

I am about to go lock up my daughter until she’s 30.

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