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Turns Out, You’ve Been Making Frozen Waffles Wrong Your Entire Life

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I love food hacks. I can sit down to watch them on Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, and lose several hours before I even know what hit me.

Usually when you think of “hack,” you think of making something easier. For instance, there is the shredded chicken hack, that lets you shred chicken in less than a minute. There is also the birthday cake hack, where everyone just cuts the cake using wine glasses — GENIUS!!

Courtesy of @theroseperiod on TikTok

THIS hack doesn’t make things easier, but it sure does make them tasty!!

This genius solution to frozen waffles was created by rapper, Tyler, The Creator. He takes a frozen waffle — Eggos to be exact — and turns them into tasty cinnamon waffles, and there isn’t a toaster in sight!

Courtesy of OFWGKTA on YouTube

Here is how he makes the cinnamon waffles.

First, he takes the famous freezer waffles, and slathers both sides with butter.

Courtesy of OFWGKTA on YouTube

Then he sets them down in a screaming hot skillet — not a toaster.

Courtesy of OFWGKTA on YouTube

He sprinkles the top with a bit of cinnamon, and let’s it cook for 45 seconds, before he flips the waffle over.

Then, he sprinkles THAT side with a bit of cinnamon, and let’s it also cook for 45 seconds.

Courtesy of OFWGKTA on YouTube

That’s it!! Voila, you have EASY cinnamon freezer waffles!

Courtesy of OFWGKTA on YouTube

What do you think? Will you try this hack for tasty cinnamon waffles?

(Beware before you press play. There are some level 10 curse words in this clip.)

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