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Caffeinated Cup Noodles Exist And Late Night Gaming Just Got A Little Bit Easier

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Late night gaming sessions usually require junk food and Red Bull — or other energy drinks — to beat those 2am sleepy eyes.

But, energy drinks and standard ol’ junk food are old news.

Nissan Noodles just upped the staying awake game for light night gamers, and this is pretty awesome.

They have come out with the first of its kind Caffeinated Cup Noodles, and I totally have to try these.


These noodles sure beat those greasy junk food finger prints and spilled drinks on the gamer keyboard!

The Nissan Caffeinated Cup Noodles will come in two flavors, and they sound equally as YUM!!

The first is garlic and black pepper yakisoba — a noodle cup which contains shrimp, pork, egg and cabbage.

The second noodle cup is curry, and it uses a base of pork and vegetables.

I call the curry noodles!!

Get this, both Cup Noodles are going to be “sauce-based,” which will save your gaming keyboard from getting soupy and gross.

According to CNN, the Nissan Noodles are going to be the “strongest ‘buff meshi’.”

For those who have no idea what that means — including me — it is a combination of the Japanese word “Buff,” which means “an increase in one’s attack, defense, recovery or movement speed in a game,” and “Meshi,” which means meal in Japanese.

Now, here’s the bad news, my friends.

The Nissan Gaming Caffeinated Cup Noodles will be released exclusively in Japan starting on September 18.

Boo, right? I’m betting the rest of us can find them on eBay pretty soon.

They are going to be super reasonable, with the garlic and black pepper flavor selling for 280 yen (about $1.90) and the curry flavor going for 298 yen (about $2).

Seriously. Can we get them here, please?!?


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