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Apple’s New Airpods Pro Have Noise Cancellation And A Thing To Hold Them In Your Ears Better

I am obsessed with my Airpods. I LOVE the way they work, how good they sound, and just the general sleekness of them, but they have two major flaws.

The first flaw is that they aren’t noise canceling, and the second is that they come out of my ears.

Well, GUESS WHAT Apple just announced their new Airpods Pro with actual noise canceling technology AND they have that added little rubber stopper thingy to KEEP them in your ears!

You can pre-order them here now, and they will be available October 30!

They also come in a super cool new charging case.

I am getting these. It seriously solves every single problem that the first generation Airpods have!

Oh, and they also have the Transparency mode, too. Which basically just means you can more clearly hear everything around you.

Very cool.

Kyle Ellis

Saturday 16th of November 2019

Both of these things kinda seem like things that they should've had in the first place... lol. Especially considering they're like $200. C'mon now Apple