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Prison Jumpsuits Are The New Hot Fashion Trend And It Just Reminds Me Of Districts From ‘The Hunger Games’

You know, things just keep getting weirder and weirder. Last year we had the prairie dresses, and this year we have prison-style/Hunger Games jumpsuits.

Is it time to divide the United States up into districts like ‘The Hunger Games’ yet? Choose your color?

I’m sincerely hoping that the Texas color will not be white. I can’t do white clothing, I’m a chronic spiller.

Angela Stanley – Facebook

I say that the northern states will have to take on white, then they can blend into the snow better. I’ll need a darker color so I can blend into nature!

Target is at it again! First the pilgrim dresses now Hunger Games jumpsuits. I think they have some opinions about the current state of the world.

Angela Stanley – Facebook

But guess what… It’s not just Target! Other stores are also selling these weird jumpsuits.

Walmart has their own selection of the prison style fashion. People are buying these, and I need to know who they are.

Laura DuFlo

All I can think of is that, if I were to even attempt to wear something like this for a day, I would totally pee myself. I can barely get leggings down quick enough when I need to go.

@garnetf1re – Twitter

If you need to know what district you’re in so you can buy the appropriate color, I found this map that is created with information from the books.

Apparently I am district 10, which is livestock. What district are you in?

@garnetf1re – Twitter