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Target Released A Limited Edition Designer Keurig And I Need One

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I have been thinking about getting one of the Keurig single serve coffee makers for some time now. There is just that mid-day craving for a cup of coffee that would be much easier to appease with this machine.


Well, now I have even more reason to want one! Designer Jonathan Adler teamed up with Keurig to create an eye pleasing design for a limited edition Keurig K-Mini Basic.


I’m a longtime K-cup drinker and I always have my Keurig out on my counter. And it’s always been super cute—but I thought it could be even cuter!

Adler told House Beautiful

The design is a blue octagon pattern that could honestly fit with both modern and country looks! It’s bold without being too over the top. I like it! The shades of blue are really pretty too!


I like this one cup coffee maker because of the size as well. It is slim and doesn’t take up a lot of room on the counter. I don’t have very much space and I still need the regular coffee pot for mornings. I drink a lot of coffee y’all.


The K-Mini brewer is our slimmest coffee maker making it one of the most versatile options that has the ability to fit in any space.

Keurig president Andrew Loucks

Target has this Jonathan Adler Limited Edition Keurig and it retails for $99.99! They even have matching mugs that are only $9.99 each! Man, if I have matching stuff I may start to appear to be an actual grown-up!

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