Oreo Is Releasing A “Brookie” Flavor Cookie That’s Stuffed With Cookie Dough, Brownie And Oreo Creme

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Okay, Oreo has hit the nail on the head with this new flavor so get your glass of milk for some serious dunking.

Oreo is coming out with a line of brookie-flavored cookies that will be a limited edition flavor next month!


If you want to scream, that is now acceptable to do.


Oreo confirmed to Delish that the new Brookie-O Oreos will be released in January of 2021 nationwide while supplies last. Seriously you guys, I couldn’t think of a better snack to open the new year with.

Courtesy of Oreo

For those of you have deprived your taste buds of a brookie, it’s a combination of half a brownie and half a cookie. Basically you get the beset of both worlds in every bite which will now be sandwiched in between two crunchy chocolate wafers.

Oreo’s version of a brookie will feature a triple-layered brownie creme, original Oreo stuffing, and cookie dough flavors!


I’m hustling over to the nearest supermarket as soon as January 1st hits and you can say I’ll have my eyes peeled including multiple trips to the snack isle until this new cookie has an exact release date.

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