25 Time Saving Hacks For Busy Parents

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25 time saving hacks

There’s just not enough time in the day. And since don’t have an extra hour to sleep or the ability to freeze time– I am stuck with only 24 hours. These 25 time saving hacks will help even the busiest moms, dads and caregivers rest a little easier.

25 time saving hacks for busy moms dads and caregivers

25 Time Saving Hacks For Busy Parents

1. Have kids eat messy stuff in the bathtub or the swimming pool! It’s fun, and you won’t have to clean up a huge mess after!

2. You don’t need to bring your kids shoe shopping with you. Just bring their feet, instead.

3.  Use scissors to cut pizza instead of a pizza cutter. You won’t pull cheese everywhere and it cuts right through the toppings!

4. Cut and peel an orange at the same time. It’s so much faster!

5. Don’t have time for makeup? Throw on a pair of sunglasses and a some tinted chapstick. Bam, insta-hottie.

6. Nail art is all the rage but it can take forever to do. Try nail wraps instead. (Which are totally buy 3 get 1 Free right now, b-t-dubs.) Way cute and you don’t have to be a Picasso to make your nails look awesome.

7. Clean out your email inbox and keep it clean. You will never stress when you open email again.

8. Sick of waiting on hold in queue to talk to your bank, cell phone provider, airline, credit card company, etc.? Let Lucy Phone do it for you. Coolest app ever.

9. Iron your clothes with a flat iron. I love this trick for hems that flip up or a collar that just won’t stay put.

time saving hacks

10. Color code your keys with nail polish so you don’t have to try and figure out which key goes to what. (Plus, it just looks really cool.)

11. When you’re painting with kids, use cut up sponges instead of paint brushes. That way you can just throw them away instead of cleaning them after.

12. Cut a cake with dental floss. Seriously.

13. Make an ice cream sandwich by cutting up ice cream in the container. Plus, these are delicious.

14. Make a to-do list that is easy to finish, and actually finish it. You will feel totally accomplished for the day.

15. You don’t actually have to scrub your microwave. Just stick some lemons in water and steam away!

16. Sick of waiting on the fog to go away after your shower? You can give just use this anti-fog treatment!

17. Program shortcuts into your phone so you don’t have to type out long email addresses or phrases you use all the time.

18. Don’t have time to shower, but your hair is an oily mess? Dry shampoo will fix it right up.

19. Set timers for browsing social media. You won’t believe how fast fifteen minutes goes by when you’re looking at cat pictures on facebook.

20. Play dumb. No, seriously– if you don’t know how to make amazing chocolate chip cookies, they probably won’t ask you to make 400 for the bake sale.

21. Stop volunteering. Or at least, stop volunteering for the things you don’t want to volunteer for. You will enjoy the time you DO volunteer more and be a lot more valuable to those who need you.

22. Shorten your child’s bedtime routine. I’m not saying to skip the extra snuggles or miss out on some special mommy/daddy/toddler time, but put a limit on it and stand firm.

23. Don’t answer your phone. Like, ever. Most of the time if you don’t answer, the person will text you right after and you can get the details in five seconds that could have taken over an hour. If it’s super important they will leave a voicemail and you can call them right back.

24. Lay out school clothes the night before. Or better yet, plan out the whole week’s wardrobe on Sunday night.

25. Make lunches ahead of time. When you’re making lunch for the kids, make it for yourself, too! Then you won’t forget to eat during the day.

Hopefully these tips will save you loads of time and energy. I know I need more of both!

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. ” Have kids eat messy stuff in the bathtub or the swimming pool! ” –> well in bathtub it’s a good idea however in swimming pool I’m not so sure, I don’t want to clean the pool after all lol.
    It’s really funny and relaxing ideas however.
    Luv it!

  2. Many great tips! Our bedtime routine is pretty (I say pretty) simple most of the time, since we only have one LO:

    brush teeth
    bubble bath with mommy
    put on jammies
    say goodnight to puppy and kitty
    cuddle with daddy
    read books on the big bed
    go potty
    massage with lotion
    sing songs
    cuddle with mommy
    say prayers
    nurse to sleep

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