25 Kid’s Nail Art Hacks

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To say we are obsessed with nail art at my house is a bit of an understatement. The thing is, it’s hard to paint those tiny fingers! Especially when they want adorable nail art like the older girls!

25 kids nail art hacks

With a little patience, and these tips and tricks, your little girls (and boys– who am I to judge?) will have the coolest nails of all!

Kid’s Nail Art Hacks

  1. No time for nail art? No problem, just use those little reward stickers!
  2. Use permanent markers. No, seriously. These work and they’re safe!
  3. Polka Dot it! There is no easier nail art!
  4. Color Street Nail Polish Strips. These things are seriously amazing. They stay on for two weeks and they work awesome on little kid’s nails! (Plus, they’re buy 3 get 1 free if you use my link!) Color Street Nails
  5. Or, they make these nail art pens that are water based, so you can wipe them off and redo the designs if you mess up!
  6. Watercolor nails. Seriously, these nails are easy peasy, and it’s like a science project on your nails!
  7. Keep it super simple. Remember, kids have tiny hands. Those crazy intricate designs that you see on super long fancy nails won’t work on kid hands!
  8. Paint skittle nails! This is so simple– you just paint each nail a different color and your kid’s nails will be super cute!25 super cool hacks for kid's nail art
  9. Use rhinestones! No, seriously– they are SO easy to put on, and you can just cover them up with a quick top coat!
  10. Minions are so freakin’ adorable. And, it turns out they are easy to turn into nail art for kids, too.
  11. Use nail polish stripers. You can find these at pretty much any dollar store, and they come in all sorts of cool colors!
  12. Use a band aid! I am not even kidding. It makes teeny little dots of adroableness on your nails!
  13. FLOCKING! This stuff is amazing and it will make your child’s nails look like something out of a monster’s inc movie! I am ALL about the flocking!
  14. If you don’t have all those cool colors that the kids are totally into, just use some old eyeshadow to make your own.25 super cool nail art hacks
  15. Use tape to get cool geometric designs. Seriously, just plain ‘ol tape. I usually paint my daughter’s nails a solid color, then when they start to wear, I add some
  16. Go abstract. Okay so, your kids want really complicated Puffles on their nails? Just do a simple version instead!
  17. Let them paint on their nails with whatever they want to, and then just seal it with a fast drying top coat! It will stay for days and days!
  18. Use their artwork and turn it into nail wraps! They will freak out at wearing their own art on their nails!
  19. Want to know how stylists get those perfect little flowers on tiny nails? Dude, it’s easy.
  20. Make your own nail decals with a baggie and some nail polish.
  21. Use nail foils. These things are amazing. You can get them here.
  22. Use a toothpick to make these super cool nail art shapes. So simple.
  23. Go matte. For some reason, matte top coats dry super quick and stay on for like, ever.
  24. Little stripes. This is a super chic runway manicure that your daughters will think you’re cool just for knowing about!
  25. Use Elmer’s Glue as a base coat so you don’t have to use nail polish remover on your kid’s hands!

This post contains affiliate links.

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