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Trendy Nail Art Tutorials and Makeup Tips

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This trendy nail art tutorial using products from Walgreens is one of my favorite nail designs pretty much EVER.

Trendy Nail Art Ideas from Walgreens #CBIAS #SHOP #walgreensbeauty

I love love love doing several different designs on my nails at one time, but I HATE when it takes five hours. I found all these products for this nail art tutorial at Walgreens, and can I just say that they have a killer nail art selection there? I mean– wow, I could paint my nails with funky rockstar designs without ever having to leave the drugstore! So, if you’re wondering how to be beautiful, this nail art is a good start!

Check out my trendy nail art tutorial below: 

Want to know more about the products I used? Check them out below:


Sinful Shine Dark Room #CBIAS #Shop Sinful Colors Simply Silver #CBIAS #Shop Sally Hansen Sugar Shimmer Work of Tart #CBIAS #Shop Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pens #CBIAS #Shop Sally Hansen Cheery On Top Overcoat #CBIAS #Shop


These I <3 Nail Art pens from Sally Hansen are the greatest thing ever. I talk more about them in the video, but DUDE– they are water soluble. Which means, if you want to make a design on your nails, but you mess it up, all you have to do is wipe it off with a damp cloth and start over. I love them, and I can’t stop using them! It’s like nail art for dummies, and I am seriously a dummy!

I am also totally in love with that Sugar Shimmer. It’s a textured polish that you don’t need a top coat on top of, so I was worried about it staying on my nails after a few days– but I’ve had it on there for five days now and I STILL don’t have any tip wear. That’s freakin’ unheard of! I want to do skittle nails with it next. How cute would that be? A bunch of different colors of that sugar shimmer all on my nails? I think it’s a total MUST DO.

The Sally Hansen Insta-dri is a MUST HAVE for any nail art girl because it makes the perfect base coat for nail art! It dries so crazy fast that you don’t have to sit around waiting so you can add your dots (like I did here) or  whatever awesome thing you’re adding to your nails!

From now on, I am hitting Walgreens before I go anywhere else to complete my nail art designs! That’s for sure!

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