You’ll Want a Root Canal After Seeing This Dentist

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The internet is an interesting place especially lately. With the Police Department Lip Sync Challenges to cute puppies looking at themselves in the mirror for the first time, you are sure to find your daily dose of entertainment. But if you are really needing more, You’ll Want a Root Canal After Seeing This Dentist that the internet seems to be swooning over.

Meet Dr. Constantine of Constantine Dental of Greenville, South Carolina.

Sure, he seems like the average good-looking male doctor, right? But that isn’t what has gotten him so much attention lately.

Less than 24 hours ago, the video below was posted to the Constantine Dental Facebook Page and it’s been shared almost 300,000 times. Needless to say, ladies are noticing.

Comments from “Yummy” to “Who wants to come get fillings done with me?” have stormed the video. Others defended his wife saying how some of the comments would make her uncomfortable. While, we shouldn’t over sexual anyone (including this doctor) I am sure we can all agree that was 0.39 seconds of fun we don’t mind not getting back.

The Dr. sure does have some moves and ladies are noticing them. His dance is part of the” In my “filling” challenge” which seems to be new but is sure to make headlines very soon.

I personally love seeing Doctor’s and those in law enforcement have a little fun, don’t you?

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