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How To Paint Super Easy Football Nail Art

Football Nails by

It’s that time of year when everyone is talking football. (And, we’re talking football nail art.) They’re watching it, planning appetizer parties around it, and everyone is wearing their favorite team jersey every chance they get.

Well, guess what– I decided to get in the spirit, and painted these adorable football nails! (Check it out, I even used real flocking for the grass!)

Want to know how to get these awesome nails? Check out the simple football nail art tutorial below!Football Nail Art Tutorial by

    1. Paint your nails green. (I used a dark green because I think it looks more like astroturf if there’s a dark green under the lighter green flocking
    2. Paint a second coat of green, and while your nails are still wet, sprinkle green flocking on your finger. You can buy it any craft store, but I just ordered this stuff:

  1. Tap your nail just like you would glitter after you stuck it down to glue, and you’re done with the grass part. (You will probably still have some left on your hands, but you can just wash it off.)
  2. Paint your pointer finger dark brown.
  3. Draw football stitches on it with white nail polish, and now you have adorable football nails!