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‘Squirrel Teeth’ Are The Latest Fashion Trend and I Wish I Could Unsee It

Squirrels are cute but squirrel teeth are not.

Say it with me — squirrel teeth are not cute!

Now, I am saying this because some people, for whatever reason, believe they are cute or fashionable and I have some serious questions over this.

Yep – so people are making and wearing squirrel teeth and trying to make it happen. It’s never going to happen.

I am pretty sure people are making these out of fake acrylic nails glued to some sort of base that fits into their mouths. Weird and just, no. No.


As if these past few years haven’t been hard enough, can we just throw ideas like this in the trash? Or ya know, hide them behind face masks at least?!


Seriously though, nobody better buy me Squirrel Teeth because this is one trend that should have never happened. Ha!