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You Can Get A Chinese Takeout Succulent Planter That Is Totally Adorable

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I LOVE plants. I don’t think there is a single room in my house that doesn’t contain a live plant. But to keep them alive, I usually stick to succulents!

But one of my biggest issues is trying to find cute planter pots to go along with the cute plants. And I have found such an adorable one to add to the collection!


You can get planter pots that look just like Chinese takeout boxes! How cute is that?!


You can get these in two different sizes, and they both have drainage holes in the bottom to make it easy to keep these watered and healthy!


I think it’s safe to say I need one of these for my kitchen. This would make the perfect plant holder for the kitchen, no matter the theme!


So run over to BeamTeam3D on Etsy and grab yourself one of these adorable succulent planter pots! (Before I accidentally buy them all!)


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