This Baby Koala Mistakes A Dog For Its Mother And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

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Oh, My Dear Sweet Heart!

Just seeing a Baby Koala is enough to made me go completely gaga. But, this little guy has taken it one step further.

This baby koala mistakes this furry doggie for his mama. Gah!

The dog’s name is Tony, and he’s one lucky little surrogate mommy.

This koala is confused in the CUTEST way! He clings to Tony’s fur, like a baby koala hugs its mommy in the wild.

Tony is obviously a little dumbfounded, too. He can’t figure out why this little fur ball has attached itself to his fur!

Tony FINALLY gets the little koala to let go, but then the koala just wants more hugs. It keeps trying to climb back onboard Tony’s back.

With the help of Tony’s owner, the little koala gets into the grass, and climbs up, what looks like, a metal planter.

Gah! I think I love him!

Watch the entire encounter, below.

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