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El Camino, A Breaking Bad Sequel, Is Coming And I’m Ready

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It’s been SIX long years of waiting, but it’s finally happening!


It’s time to break out the hazmat suits, because the Breaking Bad movie is set to come out October 11, and I couldn’t be more ready!!

When we left Jesse Pinkman, he was driving away, having a sort of mental breakdown, during the final scenes in Breaking Bad.

It didn’t leave us much closure.


It left us all wondering, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENS TO JESSE?!?


Well, we are about to find out!!


El Camino will follow in the aftermath of Breaking Bad, focusing on Aaron Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman.


We will watch what happens when Jesse pursues freedom, after being held as a captive cooker in the Breaking Bad finale.


Wondering what happened to Jesse’s cohorts, Badger and Skinny Pete? They will be in El Camino as well!! I’m so freaking excited!


It is rumored that more than TEN of the original characters will reprise their rolls for this movie, and I can’t wait to see who returns!!


Netflix is releasing this film as a Netflix Original, but it will be shown on the AMC network at a later date.

Watch the trailer here:

Talk about cool movies, the trailer for Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the Shining, is here. It’s going to be an awesome moving watching fall season!

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