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You’ll Soon Be Able To See May’s Meteor Shower. Here’s How.

It seems like the sky above is having a party, am I right?

With already one meteor shower last month, space has been celebrating and we’re seeing the after party! 

And the parties aren’t done yet, we have another meteor shower coming up quickly!

Personally, I’ve never actually caught a meteor shower in action, so I’m hoping this time around, I catch the stars dancing above me! 

The next meteor shower to hit will be the Eta Aquariid and it’s going to be a magnificent sight to see! 

The meteor shower is left over from Halley’s Comet. In fact, this occurs every year from the middle of April until the end of May! 

Peaking this Tuesday before dawn, you will be able to see 40 meteorites or more per hour on Tuesday!

Although if you want the best view, you need to try and find a location with little light, according to the Royal Museums Greenwich.

According to NASA, it’s recommended to lie down on your back (if you’re already outside) and look straight up to avoid any neck strain. You also don’t need any equipment to see these meteors, so just use your own eyes and you’ll be just fine! 

The meteor shower supposedly ends around May 7th, so it looks like we have an entire week to enjoy some fun entertainment brought to you by space.

Oh and by the way, the name comes from a star in the constellation Aquarius, so where are my Aquarius individuals, because this meteor shower is made for you!