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Here’s A Free Pattern To Crochet A Healthcare Hero Teddy Bear

I saw this and I knew I just had to share! Healthcare Hero Teddy Bears that you can make!

What a great gift for a healthcare worker, or even a kid that looks up to healthcare workers.

yarnitdarnit_ph – Instagram

They are created from a free pattern too! You can crochet the bears and they have surgical masks and scrubs on!

The pattern is totally free to use and has already been translated into many other languages as people all over the world are wanting to make them.

This free pattern from Yarn It, Darn It will show you exactly how to make your very own! If you visit her Facebook page you can find the links to the translated versions as well.

The creator of the pattern is named Aixen Legasto. She says the finished bear will measure about 8.5 – 9 inches tall.

Another tip she has is to stuff the bears as you make them! Some people like to wait until they are done though.

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The pattern is called FRONTLINE HERO BEAR. For the past couple of weeks, I have seen numerous groups misrepresenting my pattern and giving it new names. Yes, I have designed and given this pattern for free for people to use, but it does not mean it is okay to misuse or misprepresent it. No group or organization has exclusive rights to my pattern. If an organization or charity group wants to make use of the pattern, kindly ask for permission and please give credit where credit is due. Kindly refrain from using my pictures to promote any group page or during sales promotions for the dolls made using the pattern.  The unauthorized use of other peoples' photos and designs are considered Copyright Infringement. A few days ago, I discovered that someone posted my pattern on Ravelry without my knowledge or consent. Thankfully, Ravelry stepped in and awarded me full control of the post. As such, please, do not, under any circumstance, upload my pattern in sites without my permission or use my name or page name willy-nilly. Lastly, if you want to share the pattern, please provide the proper link to it and kindly mention who the pattern belongs to. I have indicated that anyone may sell the dolls they make using the pattern, but please, kindly credit the name of the designer to avoid confusion. #yarnitdarnit #frontlineherobear #respectpatterns #crochetpattern #dollpattern

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There is also a YouTube video tutorial to help with connecting the legs.

On the Facebook page, there is an album full of bears called “Frontline Hero Bears“. This is full of bears that are made by other people using her pattern.

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