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25 Jawsome Shark Week Crafts and Recipes

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Shark Week is upon us and all I can think about is the Jaws theme song, duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun… duuunnnnnnnn dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnn dunnnn. You are welcome for that!

But really, if you are enjoying Shark Week then you are probably really into sharks. Who isn’t? They are incredibly cool and terrifying at the same time. Which is EXACTLY why I wanted to share with you this compiled list of 25 Jawsome Shark Week Crafts and Recipes!

25 Shark Week Crafts and Recipes

25 Jawsome Shark Week Crafts and Recipes

  1. Feeling hot and thirsty? Take a dip (with your tongue that is) into this Shark Infested Water!
  2. Shark Gummy Kabobs are a must-have for any shark themed party!
  3. Encourage summer reading with this Shark Fin Bookmark.
  4. Before you get into the water make sure you have a life saver of some sort. This Edible Life Preserver Necklace should do the trick!
  5. If that doesn’t do it, these Life Preserver Donuts might!
  6. These Shark Marshmallow Pops would be fun to make with the kids.
  7. Get crafty with this Origami Shark Bookmark. It’s so cute and great way to encourage reading!
  8. Got some extra toilet paper rolls lying around? Of course you do! Make this adorable Toilet Paper Roll Shark Craft!
  9. You can also make these Shark Binoculars!
  10. Need a sweet and tasty treat? You can’t go wrong with these Shark Jello Cups!
  11. Watch those fingers with this Felt Shark Finger Puppet!
  12. Paper Plate Shark Jaws are awesome, cheap and easy to make!
  13. This Shark Sensory Bottle is easy to make and doesn’t leave any mess behind!
  14. Because, you have to wear a DIY Shark Hat!
  15. Feel like luring those sharks in? You can do it with this Shark Bait Popcorn!25 Shark Week Crafts and Recipes Featured
  16. This Feed The Shark game is perfect for younger kids that might get scared of shows on during Shark Week!
  17. You know what they say, Land Sharks are the new must-have yard decor!
  18. This Shark Cootie Catcher is totally cute and can be your child’s new favorite friend!
  19. Learn how to make your own Shark Costume from a hoodie and felt!
  20. Make this Pool Noodle Shark and have him float around the pool!
  21. I can’t even begin to tell you how cute these Shark Mouth Cookies are!
  22. If you are into Sharknado Cupcakes are for you!
  23. A Clothespin Shark you say?
  24. I am loving these Shark Week Lollipops. So creative!
  25. When the crafting and baking is all said and done, wash it all away with this Shark Fin Soap made especially for tiny hands!

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