Shark Gummy Kabobs

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We have certainly been busy preparing for Shark Week. From these Shark Gummy Kabobs to Shark Fin Soap to Shark Infested Water, we have  almost everything we need to celebrate the week dedicated to the beasts of the ocean. I guess the only thing missing is heading to the actual ocean but then again who wants to do that when you have a cozy couch to curl up on and watch Jaws? 😉

Shark Gummy Kabobs

Supplies Needed to Make Shark Gummy Kabobs:

shark gummy kabobs supplies

How to Make Shark Gummy Kabobs:

  1. Take a Swedish Fish and push a paper straw through it.Shark Gummy Kabobs Inprocess1
  2. Add as many of the fish as you’d like. I did anywhere from 3-4 on each stick.Shark Gummy Kabobs Inprocess2
  3. Take a gummy shark and place it on top. Push it until the straw is about half way through but don’t push it all the way through the shark.Shark Gummy Kabobs Inprocess3
  4. Place into a large cup for guests.
  5. Serve and Enjoy!

You can even get some clear treat bags and place them over the treats to keep the candy from getting hard.

Shark Gummy Kabobs Featured

Looking for another Shark themed treat? Check out this Shark Infested Water recipe!


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