DIY Tribal Art

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I’m always super busy with work and my kids therefore I don’t have a whole lot of shopping time to hunt around for special things for my home. That being said, I definitely love following home decor trends and, being a crafty person, I try to emulate those trends. Like everyone else, I’ve fallen completely in love with the Tribal Art patterns and artwork that are very popular right now. Today I’m going to show you how to make DIY Tribal Art in just a few moments. The trick to this project is that it’s supposed to look rustic and imperfect (the Tribal Art look is earthy, painterly and easy) so that means you do NOT have to be an artist to make these. If you can paint a straight line, you can pull off this project

Watch this awesome DIY Tribal Art video!

Make this cool DIY Tribal Art for your home in just minutes!

To get started, here is what you will need to make DIY Tribal Art:

  • Vintage Frames. I find mine at thrift stores and flea markets.
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Chalkboard Paint (I used a gray/taupe color)
  • A Paintbrush (an old one with wiry bristles will work well)
  • Scissors

Here’s How to make DIY Tribal Art:

Step One:

Start out by measuring the vintage frame or frames you want to use and then cut a piece of the black construction paper to size.


Step Two:

Begin painting a design on your paper with chalkboard paint. I like chalkboard paint because it has a very matte, chalky finish (obviously) and looks immediately rustic and vintage. To paint your design, google some “tribal art patterns” and find some that you like. Most are simply repeating patterns: lines with arrowheads or repeating dots and lines. You will also see many repeating or single geometric shapes that have pattern details around the edges. There are no rules here! Just get inspired by something you like and repeat the pattern with your paintbrush.

paint the design 2

Paint the design

Step Three:

Once finished painting, set your designs aside to dry completely. Chalk paint on construction paper dries very quickly.

Let the design dry

Step Four:

Frame your artwork.

frame the art

Find a spot in your living room or bedroom to display your new art! A new stylish piece of artwork to add to your home, made in just minutes! How can you beat that?


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