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This Woman Recreated A Disney Trip At Home and You Have To See It

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OMG! I’m laughing so hard right now! This woman is DEFINITELY my new Disney Spirit Animal.

Courtesy of Jess Siswick on Twitter

If you have ever been to ANY of the Disney Parks, you will feel this in your soul!! LOL!

This is LEGIT the BEST thing I have seen all day — all week — all year!! Haha!

Jess Siswick — @tinymallet on Twitter — had a trip to Disney World planned, but as is the way of the world right now, her trip got cancelled.

I would be DEVASTATED, but Jess didn’t let that ruin her Disney Magical Fun and deter her from taking that vacation!

She simply made it a STAYCATION, and set up Disney World in her house.

She is an absolute GENIUS!

Others have also taken their own little Disney staycations, and I’m totally experiencing the magic through them!

This one is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!

OMG! I wish I could just post them all!! Go to Jess Siswick’s Twitter page, and scroll down the feed. You can find them all there! Be careful. I just spent an hour looking at these Tweets before I knew it!

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