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‘The Office’ Is Officially Leaving Netflix Next Month Forever

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Unpopular Opinion: The Office is officially leaving Netflix and I’m okay with it.

I’m not the biggest fan of the popular hit series mainly because I never found the show as funny as everyone else did. 


With that being said, I know many Netflix users will be disheartened by the news so I’m sorry to say that the comedic show will officially leave Netflix next month.


What’s even worse for fans is that Netflix is planning to remove the show just 6 days after Christmas, what a lousy Christmas present! 


Next month on December 31st, you can count on ‘The Office’ discontinuing their relationship with the streaming website.


So, if you plan on rewatching all 9 seasons including all 201 episodes, I would suggest starting literally this second.


Keep in mind that if you’re too upset because you finally realize your potentially favorite show is coming to an end, just “fake it until you make it”, at least according to the big boss Michael Scott.


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