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LEGO May Be Releasing A Schitt’s Creek Set Complete With A Tiny David

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David!! There is a dude that created a Schitt’s Creek LEGO set, and it’s so completely and utterly fantastic.

Courtesy of LEGO Ideas

It is the entire Rose family, in the Rosebud Motel. I’m talking — you see the outside of the hotel, which is cool. BUT THEN, turn it around, and you get a ginormous surprise.

Courtesy of LEGO Ideas

There are some pretty famous rooms on the backside of this LEGO masterpiece!

You have GOT to check out this Rosebud Motel, that has –not only — the OUTSIDE facade of the Rosebud Motel, but there is (1) The lobby,

Courtesy of LEGO Ideas

(2) David and Alexis’s room, and

Courtesy of LEGO Ideas

(3) Johnny and Moira’s room — complete with wig wall. GAH!!!

Courtesy of LEGO Ideas

This fantastic creation is the work of Mark Fitzpatrick, quarantine Schitt’s Creek super god! He has NAILED The Rosebud Motel and the essence of Schitt’s Creek, down to the yellow flowers outside the motel!! Ha!

Courtesy of LEGO Ideas

So, this isn’t an OFFICIAL LEGO building set — YET. The design has been submitted to LEGO Ideas, and it already has over 5,000 votes!!

Courtesy of LEGO Ideas

Apparently, if the design receives over 10,000 votes, LEGO will consider making it a main staple of the LEGO line. So, what I’m saying is — GO VOTE FOR IT!!!

Courtesy of LEGO Ideas

If you are a HUGE fan of the show Schitt’s Creek — and why WOULDN’T you be?!? — you have GOT to watch the Schitt’s Creek quarantine montage from the Big Graduation Event on YouTube. It was EPIC!!

Courtesy of YouTube

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  1. “Easiest decision of my life.”
    I would buy it in a second. Where do I vote?

  2. Omg! I don’t want it..I NEEEEED it!!! Plus with the extra town visitors!!!

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