This Company Helps You Donate Your Gently Used Stuff Through The Mail And It Is Genius

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It is that time after Christmas and the new year when we want to declutter our house of all the extra things.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even maneuver around my house what with all the new Christmas junk mixed in with the old stuff.

Please, someone help me get rid of everything!!

Now, there is a super cool service, called Give Back Box, where you can use all the empty shipping boxes you accumulated through the holidays for a good cause that involves getting rid of your clutter.

They have teamed up with national retailers — like Amazon, Target, Kohl’s, etc — to use those empty shipping boxes to donate all your gently used goods to charity.

The hardest part of the entire process is choosing a charity to receive your used goods.

Reuse your online shipping boxes in which you received your purchases, or any other cardboard box you may have, to donate your unwanted household items: such as gently used clothing, shoes etc., to make a major difference in the life of another person.

Give Back Box

Once you empty your stuff out of the box, and fill it with the items you want to donate, you just go to the website, and print out a prepaid shipping label.

You then seal up the box, label it, and ship it like normal — you can either send it through USPS, FedEx, UPS, or drop it off at a Kohl’s location.

This is the same company that will wash your used LEGOs and hand them out to less fortunate kids.

According to the Give Back Box website, you can actually choose the charity you want to partner with, making the donation experience seamless and easy.

Give Back Box has truly created a new method of waste diversion for retailers because, in addition to creating a secondary use for the shipping box and guaranteeing that it will be recycled, it helps clear closets, create jobs and offer more companies and their customers an opportunity to recycle.

Give Back Box

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