Peep’s Jellybeans Are Here and I Can’t Stop Eating Them

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It’s amazing when candy companies step out of their comfort zone and give the people what they want, MORE CANDY!

We’ve hit major milestones in the candy industry and have gone from mini, to fun, to regular and even king size candy bars.

Most recently, a very popular Easter candy has added an additional type of candy to their name, except this time around, the candy isn’t in the shape of a cute little animal.

Introducing Peep Jelly Beans, Marshmallow and Fruit Flavored candy that you can pop in your mouth! The Peeps company released their own line of jelly beans in 2019 that included a multitude of different flavors. However, with this new bag of jelly beans, you can get all of their flavors in one!

With just one bag offering four flavors, Lemon, Strawberry, Marshmallow and Blueberry, it can’t get any better than this! Oh wait, it can, because the packaging is decorated for Easter that’s basically screaming the holiday’s name!

You can get Peep’s Jellybeans at multiple retailers like Target, Walgreens and Big Lots for $2.99 in a 10 ounce bag! Let the Easter festivities begin and let’s start them with Easter themed jellybeans!

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