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Dunkin’ Just Released Donut Stuffed Candy Eggs That Are Perfect for Easter Baskets

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So you want to make your friends or family Easter baskets this year, but you’re having trouble deciding on what to put in it; don’t worry, we have you covered!

And if you really want to show off your Easter basket making skills, here’s to do just that!

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Starting off with a basket, the size of your basket matters.

How much you want to add to your basket will depend on how big you want your basket to be.

You don’t want to overstuff a basket that’s too small to fit all of your supplies, and neither do you want a basket that’s too big, so when you add in all of your candy and Easter items, the basket looks empty.

Amazon has a ton of great baskets to choose from.

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So once you’ve settled on a basket size that fits your preference, candy is always a great addition to toss in your Easter basket, especially for a friend or family member that has a huge sweet tooth!

Dunkin’ has just released DONUT STUFFED Easter eggs that are the perfect addition to any Easter basket!

Courtesy of Target

Including three different donut flavors featuring Jelly Donut, Brownie Batter, and Coconut, this new pack of Easter candy should taste similar to eating an actual donut from Dunkin’!

And who doesn’t want that?

Courtesy of Target

After you’ve stuffed your Easter basket with one, two, or most likely three packs of Dunkin’s new Easter egg candy, opting for edible Easter grass is also must to fluff up that basket!

You can find the edible green grass here, on Amazon!

Courtesy of Amazon

Of course including some type of candy Easter bunny is also a classic move when it comes down to filling up your Easter baskets.

There’s the Apple Jacks stuffed Easter bunny with the milk-flavored shell that’s always a great option, which you can find stocked at Walmart for only a dollar; that’s right, just one Washington!

Courtesy of Walmart

Now if you’re looking for other items to complete your Easter basket, there are several fun toys you can toss in a kids’ Easter basket that we put in a convenient list that you can find here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering where you can snag the Dunkin’ Easter egg candy, you can find the new donut-flavored candy on Target’s website, right here!

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