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A Goosebumps Live-Action TV Series Is In The Works And I Can’t Wait

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“Beware! You’re In For A Scare!”

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Goosebumps, the wickedly creepy kids book series that has been entertaining the masses for thirty years, is on its way to becoming a live-action TV series.


The Goosebumps Movie producer, Neal H. Moritz, Sony Pictures, and Scholastic are teaming up to bring this mildly scary kids show to fruition.

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Will author, R.L. Stine, have anything to do with the upcoming TV series? That is not clear at this time.


We also don’t know if this is going to hinder plans for a THIRD Goosebumps Movie sequel. I wouldn’t *think* it would hurt a movie deal, but that’s just me, and what do I know, really? Ha!

There was previously a show — and if you are old like me, you remember it WELL — in the 1990s that brought the Goosebumps books to life. It was a fun ride, and you can still catch the shows streaming on Amazon.

As for the NEW Goosebumps TV series, it is still in the development phase. The show seems to already have a menagerie of executive producers: Lucchese, Moritz, Caitlin Friedman, Scholastic’s SVP and General Manager, and Original Film’s Head of Television Pavun Shetty.


No word, however on details — like actors, director, shoot location, and streaming availability.


While we wait, you can ALWAYS stream the movie, and purchase the wildly popular books right from the Amazon website.

Courtesy of Amazon

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