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The Princess Bride Might Get A Remake. The Internet Might Revolt.

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If you asked me what my favorite movie of all times is, tops on that list would be The Princess Bride. So when the news broke that Sony Pictures Entertainment is in talks to remake this film, I had one reaction …

There are few films that are simple perfection exactly as they are. The Princess Bride is definitely one of those!

It is perhaps the most known, most quoted, and dare I say, the most loved movie of all times. Odds are good that you’ve seen it. If, for some sad reason you haven’t, stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW, and watch it. I promise. You will love it.

So, when the announcement was made this week about a possible reboot …

Yes, I said reboot. As in, they are talking about remaking the movie …

… the internet went crazy, and rightly so.

Maybe we don’t agree on a lot, but we can all agree a remake would be a horrible idea.


Remake it, and they just may have a revolt on their hands!!

The mic drop quote came from Westley himself, Cary Elwes.

On behalf of everybody, I implore you, leave our movie alone!

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