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Crumbl Released an Olivia Rodrigo Cookie That’s Based Off Her New Album

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Ben Affleck may have just gotten his own drink at Dunkin’ but Olivia Rodrigo, has just achieved getting her own cookie!

Crumbl Cookie and Olivia Rodrigo have teamed up to create a one-of-a-kind treat that’s based off of Olivia’s new album Guts.

And as you can image, this new cookie is completely decked out just like the album cover; so you can expect purple batter, star-shaped sprinkles, and even a berry filling!

But the best part about this cookie, other than its creative design, is the fact that this cookie is also going on tour!

Courtesy of Crumbl Cookies

That’s right, Olivia will be bringing Crumbl alongside during her Guts World Tour across the country, which means fans can try the new cookie while also seeing Olivia sing live!

So it looks like Olivia Rodrigo’s checklist is as follows:

  • Stage outfits – check
  • Sheet lyrics – check
  • Guts Crumbl Cookie – CHECK!
Courtesy of Crumbl Cookies

Thanks to Crumbl, the limited-edition cookie can be found specifically at Crumbl locations within an hour of her concert venues for one week only!

So if you were planning on getting there early, why not stop for the new sweet treat too?

Speaking of the new sweet treat, let’s get down to the drool-worthy details.

Olivia’s cookie starts with two purple cookies that sandwich triple-berry jam and a vanilla buttercream that’s rolled in star-shaped sprinkles.

Courtesy of Crumbl Cookies

On the top of the cookie, you’ll also find a star cutout that shows oozing triple-berry jam from underneath.

This cookie, will be almost too pretty to eat, emphasis on almost.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “but what if I don’t have tickets to see Olivia live,” don’t worry, because Crumbl is giving fans one more chance to try the new Guts-themed cookie.

After Olivia’s tour ends at the end of summer, the stylish cookie will be available at all North America Crumbl locations but only for a FEW days, from August 19 to August 24!

Courtesy of Crumbl Cookies

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