A New Stimulus Package Is Expected Monday. Here’s What We Know.

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I am sure it has been on your mind lately – when is another stimulus check coming?

As extra unemployment benefits end this week, businesses are still struggling and people are still having a hard time financially, it’s something that has been on the minds of many.

Well, the day has FINALLY come, a new stimulus package is expected to be introduced Monday. Here’s what we know…

Senate Republicans will be introducing their proposed stimulus package and according to reports, here is what we may be able to expect inside:

As far as Stimulus Checks go, President Trump made a statement saying he wanted to get MORE money into the hands of Americans this round. Ya know, to stimulate the economy.

However, according to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, he confirmed that the stimulus checks would be the same as the first round, being $1,200 per person and up to $500 per dependent (this would be based on income just like before).

As far as the unemployment benefits go, it was reported that instead of the extra $600 weekly on employment benefits, it would become $200 per week under the new proposal.

The reason? Because they felt as if the extra $600 gave people a reason to stay home and not return to work and maybe it does? But at the same time, people returning to work can also cause further spread of the virus so…

Other things that may or may not be included are:

  • $105 billion in aid to help public schools
  • The PPP (paycheck protection program) receiving an extension
  • $25 billion to fund COVID-19 testing

It is also reported that although the President stated he wouldn’t accept a stimulus package without a payroll tax cut, it is not expected to be in the proposal. A student loan relief program is also not expected.

Whew – that is a lot to take in. Bottom line is, we will know more Monday or Tuesday of next week on what stimulus package is introduced and hopefully, get Americans additional help during this crisis.

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  1. Never received my first stimulus and I’m married with 2 children make less than 60 a year because I’m doing taxes with my wife which she has the IRS number

  2. never got my sons first stimulus. dependent on ssi, and still nothing. also told we would eventually receive the waiting week pay, I call BS.

  3. I let my son’s father claim him on his taxes . father never got his federal cuz he had to prove his identity n didn’t by the date givin. Also he has not recived stimulus check for himself n our our 18 month old son. So will I beable to get 2nd stimulus $500 for my child?

  4. Wow Live in South Florida no work and losing the $600 will surely mean homelessness and other despair because the virus is out-of-control here and there’s just no work to be had

  5. I haven’t received the first one and I’m on SSI and have 4 small children

  6. Never got my nephew’s $500.00 the first time . I have primary custody of him and filed non income tax filer . I’m on sad .

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