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It’s Time To Check Your $2 Bills. They Could Be Worth Up To $4,500!

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If you have $2 bills hanging around, you might want to check them.

While rare to see, $2 bills are still in circulation, and — contrary to what some believe — are totally legal tender.

But, before you reach into your pocket to spend that $2 bill, take a good look at it.

There are some rare $2 bills that can fetch you upwards of $4,500 — especially if you have one that’s uncirculated!

The REALLY valuable $2 bills were printed in the 1800s, but there are some printed — as late as 2017 — that are worth more than the $2 face value of the bill.

There are some from the 1900s that are worth upwards of $1000 — not too shabby for a $2 investment!

Some things you need to look at on your $2 bill are the year they were printed, the color of the seal, and whether they have been in circulation or not.

Now, it’s true, MOST $2 bills that you find will be worth just that — $2.

But, you might want to think twice before you go spending that $2 on your favorite soda at the gas station.

Check every single $2 bill you have. You never know when you’re going to find a collectible one.

Once you have your $2 bill in hand, check out this chart from the U.S. Currency Auction to see if you have a valuable bill in your midst.

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