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This Golden Girls Drinking Game Will Have You Taking Shots With Your BFF

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Want to party with your best gal pals? You know, the Golden Girls? Well this amazing set of shot glasses helps you do just that!

This is a set of 4 shot glasses featuring your favorite ladies, but it is also a drinking game!


Each of the 4 shot glasses in the set features the face of one of the Golden Girls gang! Full-color images of our favorite ladies’ smiling faces. Well, Dorothy is more of a smirk than a smile, it’s about as close as you can get.

On the back of each shot glass is instructions to make the show into a fun drinking game, we all need to live it up a bit once in a while right?


Each time Blanche says “Big Daddy”, you take a shot. When Rose says a weird word from St. Olaf, that’s another shot. If Dorothy starts a sentence with “Ma”, yep another shot! When Sophia says “Picture it… Sicily”, you guessed it! Drink up!


You’ll want to just leave the bottle out because you’ll be tossing them back with this game! Sounds like a great night of fun and laughs. Heck, I may be doing this on my own!


You can pick up The Golden Girls Shot Glasses Drinking Game on Amazon for only $21.99! This would make an amazingly fun gift for your best gal pal!


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