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Move Over 1980s, Perms Are Back And Better Than Ever

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Perms were big in the 1980s and early 90s.

Like, literally. They were huge.

Tightly curled and teased to perfection, these perms reached to the sky, a definite statement piece hairstyle for all who chose to wear them.

Well, my friends, the perm is back. But, wait before you cringe up too much.

These perms are better than ever, and much different than their predecessors from the 80s and 90s.

Even celebrities are jumping on the permed hair bandwagon, and I don’t hate it.

Stylists are creating these amazing permed hair creations in multiple ways, and I’ll admit that I’m highly thinking about diving in.

Seriously. You have to check these out.

With a perm you can maximize different textures, curly to wavy, especially if your hair is naturally straight and flat — A perm is the way to add volume and movement to your hair.

Yvey Valcin

Different Types Of Modern Perms

Spiral Perms — Okay. So this is pretty much like the perms you remember from the 20th century. The big difference is the way they are styled.

People are NOT teasing these perms to death. (Thank goodness, right?!?)

The spiral perm seems to be what most people on Instagram and TikTok are going for, and it is used in a way to enhance the hair.

It’s a flattering look that frames the face in tight curls.

French Braid Perm — This makes your hair look like you went to sleep with braids in your hair, and took them out in the morning to reveal wavy hair.

Doing this type of perm can be a simple process. There are no hair rollers involved.

You simply braid 3 to 6 sections of hair, and put the perm solution on the sections.

This will “permanently” hold the hair in the shape of the braids, making it look totally gorgeous.

Korean Perm — This type of perm is used to add some texture to the hair.

It is typically done with large rollers, resulting in soft, more natural-looking waves that add volume.

The Korean perm can result in beachy-looking waves, or on shorter hair, people can opt to give the hair a more curled-under look.

These curls are much less tight than a spiral perm, and will look more natural as your hair is growing out.

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