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You Can Crochet A Poisoned Apple For The Person Who Loves Disney

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Since Snow White ate a poisoned apple from the wicked Evil Queen in Disney’s tale Snow White and The Seven Dwarves 83 years ago, her story has become popular every Halloween.

Courtesy of FayniToys

Disney’s classic tale is so popular that not only can you find a poisonous apple candle holder from Walmart, or a color changing apple glass mug from the Disney store.

But now you can crochet a poisoned apple to add to your already decked out Halloween decor to match the Snow White theme.

Courtesy of FayniToys

Including similar features to the one animated in the film, this crochet provides the pattern and lets you choose the yarn colors.

Courtesy of FayniToys

Courtesy of Etsy shop owner FayniToys, the colors the shop used were purple and pack in one apple and the other with red paired with a pale green.

Courtesy of FayniToys

The pattern includes step by step instructions on how to crochet the apple, the stem and the similar face the Evil Queen sees in her brew before she dips the fruit in a cauldron, making it poisonous.

Courtesy of FayniToys

You can get the poisonous apple pattern based off of Snow White’s tale on Etsy for almost $4, but just don’t let anyone take a bite.

Courtesy of FayniToys

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  1. What pattern, the link leads you to the finished product.

  2. Is that “love is” Disney, or “love has” Disney?

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