You Can Use Petroleum Jelly To Keep Your Pumpkins From Rotting This Halloween. Here’s How.

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After hours of scooping out orange guts, setting aside seeds for baking and carving out a fresh face in your orange pumpkin, the last thing we want to see are our jack-o-lanterns and hard work rot away after a week or two.

Regardless of whether or not you set aside solid white pumpkins or carved orange ones in the front of your house for Halloween, there’s an easy way to preserve all of your picked pumpkins from the pumpkin patch so they last even longer than last year!

To prevent the spooky vegetable from rotting or being eaten by small animals, petroleum jelly will become your pumpkins best friend.

Courtesy of @elsass_co

Thanks to a few individuals who shared their secret for a healthy pumpkin on TikTok, people are rubbing petroleum jelly all over their carved or solid pumpkins to make them last longer for spooky season.

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Keep in mind that if you’re using this hack on a carved pumpkin, make sure to spread the moisture around each corner and carved area and do not place an extinguished candle inside of the pumpkin; use a flameless candle instead since petroleum jelly is flammable.

Courtesy of @athomewithshannon

If you’re using an untouched, solid orange pumpkin, rub the jelly well around the entire pumpkin!

Who knew that a moisturizer to soften our skin could also work its magic to keep the Halloween spirit past the night of mischief!

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