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Move Over Wreath Boards, Candy Cane Charcuterie Boards Are The Next Decorative Platter for Christmas

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Whether you like to cook three different kinds of meals for the family on the holidays or prefer to cook one Christmas ham to devour, charcuterie boards are a snack that satisfies everyone.

With an array of foods on one platter, charcuterie boards give everyone their favorites.

Courtesy of @ainttooproudtomeg

So move over wreath boards, candy cane charcuterie boards are the next decorative platter to show off on Christmas day.

Courtesy of @ainttooproudtomeg

Dressed in red and white snacks with a few foods that are pale yellow, strawberries, crackers, brie cheese, and marshmallows will create the candy cane shape!

Courtesy of @beyondgrazeful

Deli meats, cranberries, peppermint candies, and powdered doughnuts will also do the trick.

Courtesy of @figandbleu

Considering Christmastime is a day filled with food and desserts, these candy cane boards will have family and friends reaching for seconds, and thirds.

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