Sutter Home Has New Flavored Wines That Are Made to Be Sipped On 

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There’s just something about pouring a glass of wine in a pretty glass that makes you feel like such a professional and after a hard 9-5 workday, a tall glass of lemonade sounds incredibly refreshing to beat that summer heat.

Most recently, Sutter Home decided to take the classic kid’s drink and turn it into one that’s made for adults only.

So whether or not you prefer white or red, Sutter Home is making your aesthetically pleasing wine glass fuller and your choices well, simpler.

Courtesy of @sutterhomewines

Introducing Lemonade, Sweet, and Peach Tea flavored wine; the perfect bunch for summer activity!

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Made to be sipped on the front porch during the summer months, gone are the days of squeezing lemons to make lemonade!

Courtesy of @sutterhomewines

Packaged colorfully, each wine cocktail bottle features their own special mix and if you prefer more of a sour punch, you’ll be happy to know that this lemonade wine is made with real lemons. 

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While the Sweet Tea cocktail is blended with real tea and made with lemons too, the Peach tea Cocktail pours a rich black tea with notes of peach to quench the tongue. 

Courtesy of @sutterhomewines

So whether you look at the glass half empty or half full, our wine glasses are most definitely and entirely, full. 

Courtesy of @sutterhomewines

Cheers to sitting on the front porch rocking back and forth, drinking a spiked lemonade flavored wine!

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