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This ‘Burger Buddy’ Helps You Enjoy Burgers Without All The Mess

Have y’all heard of the Burger Buddy? It is my new favorite thing!

There is nothing I hate more than biting into a big ol’ juicy hamburger, and having the guts spill out the back, all over my shirt.

Happens every time. I can’t eat without getting SOMETHING on my shirt.

Or, have you ever tried to eat a sandwich on a bagel, and the insides slowly squeeze their way out the sides. What a mess, right?!?

Then, there are the times when you are eating a yummy donut, just to finish and realize the glaze is all over your fingers.

It’s even more fun when it’s your KIDS that are scarfing down that donut! Sticky glaze, everywhere, AMIRITE?!?

As of right now, Burger Buddy is still fundraising, now on Indigogo.

This genius gadget is called the Burger Buddy, and it will help with that messy burger, messy bagel, sticky donut — even the hottest of hot breakfast sandwiches that always burn your hands.

Burger Buddy

These reusable Burger Buddy burger holders are made of expandable silicone, and they are the perfect size to hold that messy hamburger.

They are GREAT to just throw in your purse, and take with you when you go out to eat with the little ones.

Their little hands can hold onto the Burger Buddy, instead of trying to maneuver that messy burger.

Burger Buddy

Enjoy the messiest burgers, mess-free! Burger Buddy is an interactive, hygienic, and eco-friendly way to hold your burger together, and keep all of the fixings inside!

Burger Buddy

Oooh! You know when these Burger Buddies would be PERFECT? When your husband is trying to drive the car and eat his burger at the same time.

I cringe every single time he takes a bite. I can just see the mess going all over the car!

It gives me SUCH anxiety. LOL!!

You can pre-order the Burger Buddy campaign here.

Let’s get this funded because this is GENIUS!

Hey! We have the PERFECT super yum DOUBLE Hamburger recipe that would fit just nicely in this Burger Buddy. Check it out!

Double Burger

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