This Snowboarder In Japan Was Chased By A Bear!

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Okay, or possibly not. So I’ve watched this video of Kelly Murphy being chased by a bear over and over again and I’m still not completely convinced it’s real…here’s the video:

Now, first glance definitely makes it look very real, right? But we’ve seen videos like this before. Remember that person on the bike being chased by a bear? Totally fake.

And while many people are defending Murphy, just as many are calling foul. Snopes, among them. The good people at Snopes pointed out some questionable details…like the fact that the audio is soo good despite the fact that Kelly is flying down a mountain in the snow. Plus, we can hear the bear grunting and klomping along the entire time.

So why would someone fake it?

My guess is the money. So far Kelly’s video has been viewed over 3-million times on YouTube. That’ll get you a lot of time on the slopes.

To be honest, though, fake or not the video is impressive. Even if it isn’t real, Kelly might have a great career in CGI to look forward to in her future!

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