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The Masked Singer Is BACK and Here’s A Sneak Peek of Who is ON The Show!

Season 2 of the Masked Singer is Back on September 25, and we have the different masks RIGHT HERE for you to check out! But you don’t have to wait, because we have the sneak peek or all the singers!

If you need a quick refresher, here’s everyone who was unmasked on season 1 of the Masked Singer!

The first costumer released in the official sneak peak of The Masked Singer was Skeleton!

Then they showed us the FOX!

His clue is that he’s ready to devour the competition!

Then we got to meet Ice Cream!

He’s here to lick the competition!

It’s one of the heaviest heads of the season.

Next was the Eagle!

This costume has over 1,000 feathers!

Tree was the next masked singer we got to meet!

Her costume is made of hula hoops!

And then there’s my personal favorite! THE FLAMINGO!

She’s ready to flamin-GO all the way! It’s time to party like a flock star!

The Butterfly os AWESOME!

It has over 10,000 sequins on the costume!

Meet the Penguin!

The penguin’s head is made out of chrome silk, and it’s the most difficult costume to see out of!

The Leopard is SO COOL

She’s ready to move Meow-ntains with her spectacular purr-formance!

And then things get weird, with Egg.

He belongs on this stage, and he’s hatched a plan to win the golden mask!

Get up on your hind legs and meet Rottweiler!

The costume team worked super close with this celebrity to make the Rottweiler have a hip-hop look!

And then there is what is surely the creepiest of all the costumes. The Flower.

It’s the only mask in the show to have actual human facial features. So, there’s that.

The BEST costume of the show has to HANDS DOWN go to The Thingamajig!

He says not to call him Chewbacca, but they DO celebrate together.

What does that even MEAN?!?!

All the way from China is the PANDA! They did tell us that the Panda will “prepare” the bamboo he/she eats!

The creepiest crawliest new mask is the Black Widow!

All eight legs required over 100 feet of protective foam and the whole costume was moulded by hand!

And, there is ONE singer left, but they will tell us who that one is during the EMMYS!

I don’t know about you, but I can not WAIT for season 2 of the Masked Singer! EEP!

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