Jordyn Woods Said She Didn’t Sleep With Khloe Kardashian’s baby Daddy and Khloe is Not Having It

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Jordyn Woods stopped by Jadah Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talks today to basically deny and debunk all cheating rumors with Tristan Thompson.

And Khloe is not having any of it.

Let’s unpack Jordyn’s web of lies during this Table talk. Shall we?

First let’s just start with the fact that she hasn’t called Khloe to apologize and set the rumor straight.

That was one of the first things she said. She was all “I’ve reached out to her. Phone and text. I want to talk to her.”

Girl, then why would you go public with this? What are you even doing showing up on Red Table Talks? Why are you handling this publicly instead of privately?

It’s clearly all for the attention. Of which this girl is a seeker— big time. She sees her betrayal of the kardashian family as her ticket to fame.

She then told the story of everything that happened that night. How she was sitting on the arm of the chair, with her legs all dangling in between Tristan’s.

Come. On. That alone is enough for KoKo to never talk to you again!

She then goes on to say that the biggest mistake she made was being at Tristan’s night. Girl, no— you can go to the guy’s house, you just need to not be a complete slug while you’re there!

I think that, right now the most frustrating part is that Jadah sat there all holding her hand like she wasn’t some home wrecking trollup.

I mean I get it. She has that whole mom thing going. And nobody deserves to feel like they can’t walk outside just because they blew up someone else’s relationship, but I don’t know if she deserves this.

Will smith said it best when he was like “girl you need to tell the truth and take your medicine.”

And Jordyn isn’t really doing that right now. She’s going to have to if she wants us to listen to her.

You can watch the whole thing here.


But it’s not half an hour of her saying she didn’t do it.

She will take a lie detector test to prove it.

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