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A Giant Statue Of Shakira Was Just Unveiled In Colombia And People Have Jokes

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Only the coolest, most famous people get statues made to pay homage to their greatness.

Walt Disney, Andy Griffith, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton — they’ve all been bestowed the honor of immortalizing their likenesses in bronze — or whatever they make statues out of.

The latest celeb to get a statue made in their honor is none other than Shakira.

And, this Shakira statue is HUGE.

This 20-foot tall Shakira statue was erected in her hometown of Barranquilla, Colombia, and her entire family was on hand for the big — literally — reveal.

Although massive, this statue is quite stunning, and captures Shakira’s likeness perfectly.

Hip shaking, and all.

The only problem is, now people have jokes — and they’re actually pretty spot on. LOL!

I’m dying right now.

The Shakira statue isn’t yet open to the public, but that hasn’t stopped everyone from talking about her.

This huge Shakira statue opens to the public in Spring of 2024, so you will actually get the chance to witness her in person.

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