Here Is Why You Are Seeing $300 Hand Sanitizer on Amazon

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We’ve all heard of price gouging when it comes to gasoline and food.

Now it is happening with hand sanitizer!

As the fear of the coronavirus spreads, people are buying up all available bottles of hand sanitizer, like Purell.

Some not-so-nice people have caught on to this high demand, and they are taking advantage of people’s fears.

If you do a quick search on Amazon, you might find bottles of hand sanitizer upwards of $300!

Courtesy of Amazon

What?!? That is called price gouging. When the demand gets high, sometimes people will sell those in-demand items for ridiculously high prices.

That’s what is happening on Amazon.

It isn’t actually Amazon that is selling these crazy high-priced bottles of hand sanitizer. There are third parties that sell though Amazon, and they are the ones that are setting these insane prices.

Why, then, doesn’t Amazon put a stop to this price gouging?

Well, to give you the short version, Amazon is too big. They don’t have the resources or man power to police 100% of the website 100% of the time.


They have been deleting these ridiculously priced items as they find them, but it actually takes some work to find them all.

What they HAVE done, is put a stop to the “buy now” and “add to cart” buttons on some of the pages. You will now see a “see all buying option” button.


This lets the consumer choose from which price they would like to purchase the item.

So, before you pay that exorbitant amount, check all your buying options.

Better yet, you can make your own hand sanitizer. Problem solved!

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