Is Willie Nelson Okay?

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People are genuinely worried about Willie Nelson’s health and wellness…

Tonight is the 65th Annual Grammy Awards and Willie Nelson won the Best Country Album award.

But everyone noticed the fact that he wasn’t there in person to accept his award.

The award presenter, Shania Twain said:

“Wow. Willie could not be with us tonight so, I accept this award on his behalf. Love you Willie.”

Trevor Noah (the host of the Grammy’s) then said,”We know Willie is watching” and then says something like “We are wishing the best for you”.

That is where everyone is led to believe that something is wrong with Willie.

Is Willie Nelson okay?

While an official statement has yet to be made, we are led to believe that Willie Nelson is okay. Some are speculating that he is either ill or is avoiding being at The Grammy’s because of his age and risk of contracting a virus.

Fans have been quick to point out that Willie Nelson is almost 90 years old and his age is cause of concern with crowds.

We just hope Willie is okay!

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