This Video Shows A Man Punching A Women’s Airplane Seat Repeatedly And I’m Siding With Her

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This video of a man repeatedly hitting the headrest of the lady in front of him on an airplane has the internet up in arms.

He is sitting in the very last seat on the airplane, and his seat does not recline.

The lady in front of him is sitting in a seat that reclines, and she is taking full advantage of this feature.

The man doesn’t think the lady should be invading his space, and lets her know in the RUDEST way possible.

Okay. Okay. I have a few things to say, buy I am trying to choose my words carefully.

First of all, have you flown lately? You have to choose your seat, many times paying an extra fee for said seat. Yes, I know, some airlines don’t let you choose but the majority do.

Now, if you actually choose a seat that doesn’t recline, I don’t feel an ounce of sorry for you*.

Second, seats on an airplane recline. That’s just what they do. There is a big ol’ silver button, and its ONLY function is to recline you. That’s your right.

Third, I HIGHLY doubt that dude would have been so freaking rude if a man had been sitting in that chair in front of him.

I mean, it’s an airplane. You know this before you board the big thing with wings. It has crazy close quarters. You know that going into it.

If you want more room, drop the money on first class. Don’t be a spoiled, entitled brat.

I’m sorry she was interrupting his cartoon watching, but get the eff over it!

You might say, “Well, it’s rude of her to recline.”

Yes. I don’t like it when people in front of me recline. But, it is what it is. That is what the seat is made to do. I adjust, and get on with my life.

Watch the full video below. Keep in mind, the lady has said that the man hit her chair very hard a couple times BEFORE she started recording. He also KNEW he was being recorded.

What are your feelings on the matter?

*In reality, it’s POSSIBLE he didn’t choose that seat. If the seat reclined really bothered him, couldn’t he have asked nicely for her not to?

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  1. The guy is in the wrong I am surprised the attendant did not do something about this. I mean we don’t know the hole situation but there are other ways about getting things done. Who knows if he did ask or not but no one needs to act like a child and have a fit unless he had some kind of disability. But there is no excuse there is no excuse.