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This Mom Used Target’s Cat & Jack Return Policy To Get Over $700 In Return Money

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Every parent needs to know this information, because it is a game-changer when it comes to buying clothes for the kids!

In fact, one parent was able to use this little hack to get over $700 in refunds!

Tiarra Williams

If you shop for kids clothes at Target, you know they sell the Cat & Jack clothing line.

You also know that Cat & Jack clothing is incredibly well made, super cute, and crazy affordable!

Tiarra Williams

But, did you know, Target will take back the Cat & Jack clothing that you purchased online or in stores for any and all reasons.

TikTok mom, Tiarra Williams, used this return policy to her advantage, and recently went viral for a video where she shows her Cat & Jack haul.

Tiarra Williams

Her kids had outgrown the clothes, and she had them all ready to go back to Target.

She had been smart, had access to all her receipts, and she was all ready to put the Cat & Jack return policy to very good use.

Tiarra williams

The season changed. My girl grew. It’s time to head to Target and get us something new.

Tiarra Williams

As you can imagine, the return process is a bit of a beast. Target has to go through all your receipts and match them up with all the clothes.

Now, if you have the Target app, it actually saves all your receipts electronically, and it makes the process just a little bit easier.

Tiarra Williams

You will still have to match up all the clothes with the right electronic receipts, but with a little time and patience, you can get a TON of money back!

It took about 30 to 45 minutes for us to get everything returned, but I have the Target app and all my receipts were in the app — It saves all your receipts for a whole year.

Tiarra Williams

When it was all said and done, Tiarra was able to walk away with $749.45 in Cat & Jack return money!

Tiarra Williams

As you can imagine, the comment section on Tiarra’s viral TikTok video was divided.

Some thought she was a genius, while others thought she was being pretty dishonest.

Tiarra Williams

One commenter even wrote, “This is so dishonest.”

Tiarra was quick to reply, “I was honest when I told them that she could no longer fit any of it. They still accepted it. So what’s YOUR problem? Because they didn’t have one. 😊”

Keep in mind, this is the Target policy. If they didn’t like how Tiarra took advantage of the policy, they could change it.

Tiarra Williams

Tiarra also says that Target will donate all the clothes that are returned, and write off the money they refund. If that’s true, it really is a super good deal.

You can see Tiarra’s full Cat & Jack return video on TikTok HERE.


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