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You Can Now A Duvet Cover With Your BFF’s Face And I Totally Need This

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Now you can get your favorite face plastered all over a duvet cover, and I’m about to get one! Yes, even your BFF’s face!

Courtesy of Shelfies

I feel like I haven’t seen my bestie in like fifty-eleven days!

I almost forget what she looks like. Maybe I’m being a tad bit dramatic, but it’s allowed. I’ve been cooped up in these four walls for DAYS!

You have GOT to see what we found while spending endless hours surfing the internet!

This is Shelfies. They have everything from cool Snitch fidget spinners, to fun drink wear, to even t-shirts and leggings.

Courtesy of Shelfies

BUT, perhaps the BEST thing they have is a duvet cover that you can customize with your bestie’s face!

Courtesy of Shelfies

You can really choose ANY face. You just have to upload a picture to the SHELFIES website, and they will turn it into the coolest duvet cover around!

These super awesome duvet covers start at $170, and come in twin, queen, or king sizes.

Courtesy of Shelfies

If you don’t want to commit to covering your ENTIRE bed in faces, you can get a pillowcase to pay homage to your favorite person.

Courtesy of Shelfies

The pillowcases start at $43, and they fit either a standard pillowcase or a double pillowcase.

Courtesy of Shelfies

You can be the super cool bestest friend EVER, and get YOUR face all over a set of bedding for your favorite person!


And if that isn’t enough, you can even get a hooded wearable blanket with your favorite face plastered all over it.


Get the face duvet cover here, and pick up your custom pillowcase here.

Courtesy of Shelfies

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