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‘Sunday Reset’ Is The Hottest New Trend I Can Actually Get On Board With

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There are so many TikTok trends that I try to avoid: like the Orbeez Challenge, this weird Tanning Nasal Spray, or the bizarre Weird Girl Aesthetic.

But, this is one TikTok trend that I can really jump right on.

People are hashtagging SundayReset, and it really makes my soul happy.

If you search #sundayreset, you will actually see a description — which you don’t often find with other hashtags on the platform.

Whether you’re cleaning the house or putting your feet up, it’s time for a #SundayReset.


Now, when you think about Sundays, you probably envision rest, relaxation, and prepping for the new week ahead.

That is what this satisfying TikTok hashtag is all about.

People are taking to the social media platform to share their #SundayReset routines. It’s as satisfying as it is inspirational.

Seriously, you can’t watch a few of these videos without wanting to jump in and #SundayReset yourself!

These videos actually make your otherwise tedious chores look satisfying. Seriously. You have to check them out.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but these #SundayReset videos are goals. They almost make me want to get up and organize my house in the most meticulous way!

Like, user @jkentrn, who restocks her whole house in the most beautiful way. Perfect folds, color coordination, convenient containers that I immediately want to go to Amazon and purchase.

Or @savannahhh.mariee, who makes getting her house ready for the week look easy and cool.

There’s @leanadeeb, who takes us along for her Sunday routine: from getting ready for the day, to shopping for the week, and even to working out. Girl has WAY more Sunday energy than I. LOL!!

TikTok user @brycelamarbrown gets his house spotless, and dust free — and I’ve never been more turned on.

Side Note: Look at that view from his window!

There are people like @meganmauk, who make the Sunday Reset look hella easy.

These videos are not only visually satisfying, but they have a sense of ASMR — totally pleasing to the senses!

Now, excuse me, while I go Sunday Reset my house — or just watch the videos.

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